Flat Renovation 2017


A personal renovation project was undertaken following the purchase of my first property with my partner in 2015.


The one bedroom property initially appeared dark and uninviting. The existing layout did not maximise the 50 sqm available with circulation space taking up more area than required.

A complete strip out was undertaken and two non-load bearing partitions removed. The kitchen was relocated into a newly formed open-plan living space and a second bedroom/study created from the former kitchen. 

A neutral colour backdrop creates a calm and relaxing atmosphere. A mixture of Mid-Century Modern furnishings and original artwork provide colourful accents to showcase the considered layout. 

Awards/Press: Nellfield  features in the 'House Beautiful' magazine November issue as the winner for 'The House Renovation' Competition 2017.


Nellfield features in the 'Home Building & Renovating' magazine April issue in 2018.


Article on Apartment Therapy in 2017 'Before & After: A Flat is "Dated, Dark and Unloved" No More!'



Location: Aberdeen City

Photography: David Barbour