Bronze Medal 2019


The judges for the Bronze medals welcome submissions that explore different subjects, methodologies and presentations, and will be asked to assess the quality of the schemes in respect of:

  • architectural ambition, ideas, and the extent of innovation;

  • design vision as reflected in all aspects of the design, including the detail;

  • fitness for purpose, especially in response to the brief, but also in terms of wider concerns like accessibility and sustainability;

  • relationship of the design proposal to its context;

  • the spatial experience it offers;

  • the appropriateness of its structural and servicing systems;

  • the selection and detailing of materials.

Whatever the methodology and presentation format adopted, they should be appropriate to the subject being explored, and should positively contribute to its analysis and communication.

Design Brief:  The project brief is to design an Art Gallery which will display the artworks of Joan Eardley. Joan Eardley is one of Scotland’s most renowned painters of the twentieth century. She is recognised as reminding Scots of lost tenement communities and the wild beauty of costal landscapes.


The Eardley Contemporary art gallery celebrates the stages of Eardley’s life as told through her art; her travels and particularly her later years in Catterline; her immersive coastline canvas. The site additionally accommodates temporary exhibition spaces, studios for artists in residence and a café with views of the sea.


The proposed site is located in Aberdeenshire, Scotland in the town of Stonehaven which is historically known for fishing and is the closest town to the village of Catterline. The town centre of Stonehaven appears disconnected from the coastline and sea views as there is no obvious or direct access route, building lines block this connection. The decline in the fishing industry has resulted in the economic decline of Stonehaven. The Eardley Contemporary challenges this sense of detachment by re-connecting the coastline with the town and creating a cultural destination to revive the local economy.

Awards/Press: Nominated by the RIBA Studio Oxford for the 'Bronze President's Medal 2019'