Year 1 Part 2 Architecture 2019


University: RIBA Studio Oxford

Course: Part 2 Architecture 2019 

Pass with Merit

Design Brief: The design history in Dundee and Scotland is a remarkable one, and one that deserves to be more widely known. Design creativity has for a long time been vital to the country's enterprising spirit and has helped construct Scotland's identity. 

The introduction and delivery of the V & A Dundee was created with the fundamental role in promoting and encouraging the development and understanding of Scottish Design. 

V & A Dundee provides a new welcome focus for the future of design in Scotland, where it will be shown within a national and international context. The museum itself holds a permanent Scottish design exhibition and a temporary gallery space. 
More importantly the museum supports local designers, artists and makers with the use of a single design studio and two learning suites to host its residence. The purpose of this design project is to create an extension of the V & A's efforts in promoting local Scottish design. 

Dens Road, Dundee city centre. A proposed brownfield site, historically served as a jute mill, paper mill and an indoor market. The site has a cluster of dilapidated factory warehouses and office facilities. An existing brick chimney remains on the site provide a landmark due to its towering height. The site is locked with a sandstone boundary wall making up the gable ends of some of the factory warehouses. The roofs of the structures comprise of traditional slate. The site has a gentle slope with the north of the site being the highest point and the south at its lowest. Dens Road's immediate area would be considered a deprived part of the city.

The challenge is to develop the Dens Road site with sympathetic design solutions that impact the local and wider context in a positive manner. The design will consider its users requirements and aspirations. Independent designers will be able to work, live and co-exist together on the site collaborating and working on their individual crafts. The site will also allow them to sell their ideas, designs and objects providing an open environment for the public to engage with. Its immediate social impact is to encourage young individuals to attend workshops, and events to explore their creative passions and develop as individuals with the mentor ship of design creatives. The site will be developed to create a space for everyone to interact with to socialise, collaborate and enjoy.

Location: Dundee City, Scotland