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House Renovation 2017


The assignment was to convert the existing garage, which was primarily used for storage and reconfigure the ground floor layout. The aim was to create a flow and connection between rooms that felt closed off from each other.

The client wished an open plan living, kitchen and dining space where the family could maximize time spent together. The client also requested that the space create a closer relationship with the garden.

The end result permits seamless flow between activity areas; meeting the clients's brief through enabling the client to watch over the children whether they are playing or doing homework whilst preparing a meal in the kitchen. The space connects to the garden through a large expanse of glazing that opens up on a warm day.


-Sketch design

-Building Warrant


-Contract admin


Location: Aberdeenshire

Photography: Neil Gordon

Testimonial: "At the initial meeting we spoke about knocking the kitchen and dining room into one to tie in with the sun lounge we added a few years ago.Then the ideas started flowing when we spoke about how we wanted to live and what we wanted from the house. What we now have is way beyond our expectations and it's amazing what Tinto have managed to get out of a space that I struggled to get my car into. Thank you for designing our perfect family home."

-Private client, September 2017